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DELLI 'Sober Curious Summer' Box

DELLI 'Sober Curious Summer' Box

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It’s summer. You’re thriving. But you want your head to thrive, too. Enter sober curious summer, where you dabble in your more clear-headed side. We’ve curated some drinks (minus the alcohol) so you c...Read more

It’s summer. You’re thriving. But you want your head to thrive, too. Enter sober curious summer, where you dabble in your more clear-headed side. We’ve curated some drinks (minus the alcohol) so you can cheers to that.

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AGUA DE MADRE, PASSIONFRUIT-RASPBERRY WATER KEFIR: A thirst-quenching, bright and fruity water kefir. It is a mild, sweet, lightly sparkling soda, that not only tastes refreshing, but also contains billions of live cultures, for good gut health.

BRINK, NON-ALCOHOLIC MARGARITA: All the flavours of a classic Margarita cocktail, without the alcohol. Sharp lime notes are balanced by complex vanilla and grassy notes. Your favourite Margarita, recreated.

GOOD KARMA BEER CO, MANTRA NON-ALCOHOLIC LAGER: This is brewed using the exciting ‘Harlequin’ from the Charles Faram Hop Development Programme. Harlequin bursts with aromatics, hints of UK terroir, marmalade, and candied fruits.

HOLOS KOMBUCHA, SUNSET CITRUS HOPS KOMBUCHA: A sparkling, fermented tea, flavoured with bright citrus hops, with flavours reminiscent to an easy-drinking beer. The flavour is crisp, tropical, and bold. This is kombucha's answer to IPA.

SOMETHING & NOTHING, CUCUMBER PREMIUM SODA: Tastes like a holiday in a can. With added mint to highlight the fresh notes and the lemon and grape bring the balance.

PENTIRE DRINKS, COASTAL BLOOD ORANGE SPRITZ: A delicious balance of naturally bitter flavours and refreshing coastal tones. A unique, sophisticated and bright non-alcoholic cocktail, ready to take on picnics, beach-trips or anywhere you adventure.

Size: Passionfruit & Raspberry Water Kefir: 330ml
Non-Alcoholic Margarita: 150ml
MANTRA Non-Alcoholic Lager: 330ml
Sunset Citrus Hops Kombucha: 250ml
Cucumber Premium Soda: 330 ML
Coastal Blood Orange Spritz: 330ml

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Passionfruit & Raspberry Water Kefir: Kefir Culture Fermented In Filtered Water, Sugar, Figs, Lemons, Ginger, Passion Fruit Syrup, Raspberry Syrup, Lemongrass Extract, Raspberry Extract, Bacillus Subtilis & Himalayan Salt

Non-Alcoholic Margarita: Water, Sugar, Lime Juice From Concentrate (25.5%), Natural Flavourings

Cucumber Soda: Sparkling water, cucumber extract, concentrated grape juice, concentrated lemon juice, natural flavourings

MANTRA Non-Alcoholic Lager: Water, Malted Barley, Hops, Potassium Sorbate

Sunset Citrus Hops Kombucha: Filtered water, raw cane sugar, kombucha culture, green tea, earl grey tea, yerba mate, rooibos, citra hops 0.1%

Coastal Blood Orange Spritz: Water, Agave Syrup, Orange Juice Concentrate, Pentire Plant Extract Blend, Natural Flavouring Containing Quinine, Oakwood Distillate, Blood Orange Extract, Colouring Foodstuff; Extracts Of Carrot And Blackcurrant, Tartaric Acid, Preservatives; Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate


  • cereals containing gluten
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