DELLI launched in 2022 as platform to shop independently made products by unique makers. It's time for small makers to run the food scene, so we're championing real food, by real people, every single day. From the team behind Depop!

Shop unique food and drink

Hundreds of makers are dropping their products on DELLI, and we curate the best selection for you every day. From micro makers to pickle purveyors, small-batch olive oil producers and drink makers, we’re stocked with the niche and the essential.

Nation-wide shipping, DELLI-vered

We work to bring new, independent food, nation-wide. And we offer one fixed shipping fee, no matter how full your basket. Go wild!

Meet the Makers

DELLI is made up of the hundreds of unique makers with inspiring stories. Head to our Makers pages to read the stories behind the products. Independent means unique, but don’t worry, all our makers are registered food businesses. Start shopping independently today.

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