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Seller FAQs

How do I become a seller?

A few things you will need before you can become a seller on DELLI:

Your product must comply with the most recent food & any other relevant regulations for your category. This includes everything from food safety registration to product labels. Please note: we aren’t able to support all categories just yet, so get in touch to find out if we can stock your product on our marketplace!

You can deliver your product to our warehouse (located in Central London) safely.

From then on, it’s easy.

Let us know what you’d like to sell here

Our community team will get in touch when we’re ready to learn more

If we’re able to stock your products, we’ll send you a short form asking for some details, and we’ll place an initial order

Once we receive your products, we’ll take care of the rest! We will:

For further details, please read our here and here

How do I get my items delivered to the customer?

Once we’ve agreed to bring your products in-house, we’ll take care of fulfilling your customers’ orders. All you have to do is to deliver the pre-agreed products to us on time and give us information about you and your products.

We then curate your listings and manage deliveries to the end customers, including any potential issues that might arise when shipping from us to your buyers.

Please note that our current shipping partner ships with a ~2 day delivery window, so we can only accept and ship products that can last in transit. We will soon be expanding on this, so please hold tight and check back for updates here.

How do I get paid?

It depends on whether you’re selling with us a consignment or wholesale

Consignment - you will ship your products to us, but keep full ownership of them whilst we warehouse and ship them. You will be paid the full retail price minus the pre-agreed commission, a few days after the buyer purchases the product. This is our go-to system as it generally suits smaller makers we tend to work with. You will need to give us your bank details as we onboard you so that we can transfer the funds directly to you.

Wholesale - we will agree typical terms, buy pre-agreed quantity at a pre-agreed wholesale price from you. You will invoice us and we will pay within pre-agreed term. We reserve this system for bigger makers.

Get in touch at and we will discuss with you what would the right system be for you.

How can I improve my sales?

First, make sure you provide us with all the necessary information on time. We want to hear the story behind your products, so that we can create a great listing and editorial content around it.

Second, share! We have seen a great success with sellers sharing on their social, in their newsletter. In that case, do not forget to link directly to your product, so that you buyers can find it easily. With a good sharing, some sellers sell out within hours and were able to grow from initially tens of units sold to now thousands!

A few practical tips:

Take a simple screenshot of your DELLI product after they’ve gone live, share this as a post or story, and make sure you add a link to your shop so that people can click straight through.

Leverage your network. We all have one, whether it’s your IG followers or a closed WhatsApp group of food lovers.

Add the link to your DELLI products to your bio or linktree.

Don’t just share once. It sometimes takes people a while to get the memo, sharing consistently with your products will build momentum and sales. Sharing about DELLI 2-3 times a week has the highest impact.

Encourage others to share too. If your buyer has had a good experience, ask them to shout you out.

On social media, tag If you tag us, it means we can repost and share with our community too.

Third, if we spot room for improvement, we will be in touch with suggestions! We are keen for you to succeed too!

I am at the beginning of it all, what do I do?

1. Registered as a food business? Get going! Not registered yet? Register now - it is easy and free!

If you haven’t sold before, simply contact your local council here to register your food business. You will then get inspected and get your rating.

If you have not gotten trained in food safety yet, we recommend you take Level 2 Food Safety Training. It sounds scary but it really isn’t. And it will give you a good overview to get started! Find out more here.

In the UK, there are a number of resources and companies that offer food safety education and regulations help. You can always go to FSA to learn more!

2. Cook it! Bottle it!

Now that you’re all equipped on how to do things safely, just make your product and package it so that it can be shipped!

Get in touch!

Once you are good to go with your products, get in touch and we can set you up on DELLI. We are here for it!

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