Collection: Too Easy Beverages

Here at too easy beverages, we focus on producing premium, small-batch margaritas to knock back with your mates.

Growing up in Australia where natural products are the norm, I had found it frustrating not being able to find bar-quality bottled cocktails with real ingredients in the UK.

I also wanted to create a product for the good times together, whether that's a dinner party, a beaut summer park session, or after work bevs.

The cool margarita was created to enjoy those everyday moments. With the help from my husband James, we hope to continue producing small batches of good quality products in a sustainable, considered and fun way.

Wondering where the name came from? We always knew we wanted to use Australian slang as the brand name, so the fact our products help make your life easier, it was a no brainer. Too easy!

Thank you for supporting our teensy business - now crack open the margs and enjoy!