Collection: Maison Bohiti

MAISON BOHITI candles are handmade with a little bit of magic for those who adore art. Lovers of home decor and uniqueness. Welcome to Maison Bohiti’s World Maison Bohiti is a contemporary candle house based in London. We started this journey from our travelling experiences that inspired us to coin “Maison Bohiti.”

A journey started to associate with culture, art, and beauty and grew into a passion, leading us to craft emotion-evoking scented candles that people love. We believe candles are a beautiful source to connect with the world around us & express ourselves symbolically as well as make your home feel like an art gallery.

Our candles are a statement of abstract art, a sensory experience that would visually link you to the place you want to be, with a distinct smell of your choice, smoothness and warmth. Lighting it up, would allow you an escape from space and time and relive the moments you’d love to experience. Don’t let time fade away the memories you cherish. Experience them anytime, anywhere, with Maison Bohiti. Maison Bohiti candles are for those who adore art. Each candle is a masterpiece of good energy and design to give your home what it needs whether is style and elegance or tranquillity and cosiness. The Creators : Tropical twins born in the Dominican Republic and raised in London. After spending 7 years travelling around the world, we developed a fascination with travel that inspired us to create something truly special, our candles.